Bill Hollowood

Retiree Club President 724-544-4291


  • Due to the Coronavirus and our memberships health concerns, the R.C. executive board has decided to cancel the next R.C. meeting scheduled for Tuesday April 7,2020 at the Hopewell VFW Post #8805. Please contact  those members you may know that do not have Email and make them aware of this information. Hopefully we may be through this crisis by May’s meeting date and all of us will be ok.
    I.A.M.  L.L. 1976 R.C. Executive Board
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REVISED 2019 RETIREE REMINDER LETTER            (Click here)


For up-to-date information please read your chairman’s newsletter in the link above
Please make your check payable to:
Retirees Club LL 1976

Do not make checks out to Jack Wurzel.
I am once again going to put our Treasurer’s address to where you may send your dues if you have not already paid them.

His address is as follows:
Jack Wurzel
309 19th Avenue
New Brighton, PA 15066